Study Concept

Dova’s Investigator Initiated Study

Review Process

Here are the steps you need to complete, as well as what you can expect from Dova, in submitting an Investigator Initiated Study.

  1. Complete Study Concept
    Please share the requested basic information about your Investigator Initiated Study and attach your CV. A Dova Medical Science Liaison will contact you regarding your proposal.
  2. Await Dova Response
    The Dova Medical Affairs team will vet each Prequalification submission, usually responding in about 4-5 weeks. If your study is selected to move on, you’ll be invited to complete the Full Study Proposal.
  3. Complete Full Study Proposal
    Please compete this more robust follow-up questionnaire so that we can learn more details about your proposed research.
  4. Await Dova Funding Decision
    The Dova Medical Affairs team will again carefully review your submission, granting funds to the most qualified Investigator Initiated Study Proposals.

Study Concept

A note before getting started: Be sure to have at least 30 minutes available to complete the following questionnaire. If you need more time, you can save your progress by clicking Save and Continue Later at the bottom of the form. Thank you.